Dr. Kazoo and his Noble Steed

I drew a foo dog we have in our living room and gave him a friend.


Ducktales Boards Episode 22

Here are some of my rough boards vs final animated shots from the recent episode of Ducktales, “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck.” Action/spooky is normally not part of my visual vernacular but I had fun planning out the action and compositions in this sequence and thought it turned out ok! Episode written by Colleen Evanson and Directed by John Aoshima. Art direction by Sean Jimenez.
You can watch the full clip HERE


Ducktales Donald Boards

I got to board some fun Donald scenes in the “Daytrip of Doom” episode of the new Ducktales. This was the second Ducktales storyboard I worked on, so I apologize for the drawings!
Shoutout to Dana Terrace for being a great director. I learned a lot from her and the rest of this crew.


Humpty Dumpty Catch up

Here are some more post-it comics
Humpty Dumpty comic #9

Humpty Dumpty comic #10

Humpty Dumpty comic #11

Humpty Dumpty comic #12

Humpty Dumpty comic #13


Color Key

color key for a new idea.



An attempt at a Carl Barks style painting for my awesome co-worker Ben Holm's birthday. I didn't get to finish the money bags, but it was still fun to do.

Digital sketch in storyboard pro, then finished in Photoshop.


Little Funkies

Some fun experiments.